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How to do Easy Unity3D Ragdoll Physics with Source Code

By Jason Weimann / July 1, 2019

Kill your NPCs in style with simple unity ragdoll physics. In this unity3d tutorial i’ll show you how to generate a ragdoll for your character and create the simple script to make it all work. We’ll go over project setup, prefab design, and the rest of the process to make a character transition from running right into a in a fun natural ragdoll death.

If you’re looking for a Unity Ragdoll Tutorial, this is the one! ๐Ÿ™‚

Download here:


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Unity3D Game Development as a Hobby w/ Joe Zack of CodingBlocks

By Jason Weimann / June 24, 2019

Join me in this chat with Joe Zack of CodingBlocks while we talk about being a Unity3D Game developer as a hobby while working a full time job as a business software developer. We’ll discuss the differences between building games and non-game stuffโ€ฆ why Unity over Unreal, what kind of games to get started with, CodingBlocks (my favorite podcast that Joe happens to be a part of), and a whole lot more.

CodingBlocks – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcxbkpkf7_zhf3YceK8JMQw

More Info: https://unity3d.college

Join the Group: http://unity3d.group

Patreon: https://patreon.com/unity3dcollege

Check out CodingBlocks – www.codingblocks.net

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How to make a game in Unity – For Beginners

By Jason Weimann / June 5, 2019

Learn how to make your first game in Unity3D in this step by step tutorial.

We’ll build a Unity game that you can deploy to the web using webgl and share with your friends and family today.

We’ll cover sprites, rigidbodies, collisions, physics, c# coding, builds, movement, and a ton of other stuff while we build a fun game that you can extend and customize.

If you’re ready to start a game development career or just get going with a new hobby, this unity tutorial will take you there.

Download the Art: https://unity3d.college/dragon-art/

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A 10,000 line method? – technical debt in a real mmorpg

By Jason Weimann / May 22, 2019

See how my buddy dealt with a 10,000 line method in a AAA MMORPG. We’ll dive into the details, how the technical debt stacks up to give you insane methods like this, and most importantly, how to avoid technical debt when building your own games in Unity or Unreal (this instance was all in a custom in-house engine, but still applies to just about any general game development).

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Unity3D AI with State Machine, Drones, and Lasers!

By Jason Weimann / April 28, 2019

Create a Unity3D AI system using the State Pattern and State Machines. We’ll build an FSM (finite state machine) in c#, make it generic, reusable, and able to drive our AI bots.

State machines and AI are extremely important in game dev, so we’ll start with a simple switch based AI system then build it into a solid c# FSM that we can extend and build upon.

And if you’d like to follow along, all the c# source code for this unity tutorial is available below.

Download the code for this Unity3D tutorial here: https://unity3dcollege.blob.core.windows.net/patreon/DroneProject.zip

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10 Things You Should Know in Unity

By Jason Weimann / January 30, 2019

Learn the top 10 parts of the Unity3D Editor that every developer should know about in just a few minutes. I’ll show all the parts of the Unity game engine that I wish I’d known about when I started. I’ll show stuff that’s great in unity for beginners along with more advanced features in unity 2018.

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Dev Talks – Episode 1 – Game Development Jobs, Contracting, & Startups w/ Dave Green

By Jason Weimann / January 28, 2019

In this episode I was able to interview Dave Green, an expert Unity developer who’s started multiple successful game startups. We discuss the process of getting a game job, how to get contracts, setting up a game development studio and company, and a whole ton of other stuff.

If you’re looking for a game development job, Dave has great advice on how to apply, how to prepare, what to expect in your interviews.

We also talk in depth about contracting, and the process of getting your first contract, when to start a company of your own, and how to do that.

But we start by talking about his Virtual Reality electric chair (that really shocks you and kinda terrified myself).

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