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Jason Weimann

10 Things You Should Know in Unity

By Jason Weimann / January 30, 2019

Learn the top 10 parts of the Unity3D Editor that every developer should know about in just a few minutes. I’ll show all the parts of the Unity game engine that I wish I’d known about when I started. I’ll show stuff that’s great in unity for beginners along with more advanced features in unity 2018.

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Dev Talks – Episode 1 – Game Development Jobs, Contracting, & Startups w/ Dave Green

By Jason Weimann / January 28, 2019

In this episode I was able to interview Dave Green, an expert Unity developer who’s started multiple successful game startups. We discuss the process of getting a game job, how to get contracts, setting up a game development studio and company, and a whole ton of other stuff.

If you’re looking for a game development job, Dave has great advice on how to apply, how to prepare, what to expect in your interviews.

We also talk in depth about contracting, and the process of getting your first contract, when to start a company of your own, and how to do that.

But we start by talking about his Virtual Reality electric chair (that really shocks you and kinda terrified myself).

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Easy Unity HotBars w/ OnValidate

By Jason Weimann / January 22, 2019

Learn how to use OnValidate to create hotbars that automatically bind to keys as you create them. I just had to add these to an MMO and wanted to share the power of OnValidate when creating things like this in Unity (software). In this c# Unity Tutorial, we’ll create the bars, add the validate, and hook up clicks.

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How to use the New Unity Input System

By Jason Weimann / January 7, 2019

Learn how to use the new Unity3D Input System. The system is in an early access form and available now to try out. In this tutorial, I’ll show you the basics of setting up the system. We’ll create a mini project with some different behaviors like rapid fire, movement, and more all using the new system and it’s action mapping system.

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How to use Nested Prefabs – Unity3D Prefab Workflow

By Jason Weimann / December 25, 2018

Learn how to use the new nested prefabs with space ship examples. We’ll go through the new unity prefab workflow, crease some prefabs, make them children of other prefabs, revert, apply, nest again, and more!

This new nested prefab workflow can make a huge difference in your projects, and in this video I wanted to give a couple examples of how you could use them to simplify and componentize your prefab workflow.

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