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Jason Weimann

Unity Code Reviews

For the last few months, I’ve been reviewing different Unity projects publicly.  Going through the code, looking for areas where the project can be improved, and providing recommendations and advice.  Here, I’ve gathered a few of those reviews for you to take a look at.  You’ll be able to see some real peoples actual projects, and go through the code with me as we explore how they’re put it together.


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Beginners Guide to Getting Started with Unity

By Jason Weimann / May 9, 2018

New to Unity? Considering game development? Learn how to build your first game in just a few minutes. I’ll go over all the basic features of the editor, show you what the scene view, hierarchy, inspector, and game view are… then we’ll dive into some basic c# and monobehaviour coding. In 30 minutes, you’ll have your first working game!

Download the Source: Here

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Unity Video Player with Controls & Time Scrubber

By Jason Weimann / April 25, 2018

Playing video in unity3d is easy now with the videoplayer component.  But you do still need to hook up controls if you want your users scrubbing through the timeline, pausing, playing, or skipping.  Here, I’ll cover everything you need to get a video player working, with time tracking, skipping, and more.  And you can load your video from a web url / http endpoint or a local file…  Follow along and build it yourself or just download the source and drop it into your own project now.



Download the full source here: https://unity3dcollege.blob.core.windows.net/site/YTDownloads/VideoPlayerControls.unitypackage

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Mobile Swipe Detection In Unity3D

By Jason Weimann / April 24, 2018

Need to detect swipes for your unity mobile game or app?  This simple script will let you do that in a clean maintainable way.  Detect swipes for your android or ios devices in your Unity game with a simple event callback… all reading Input.Touches underneath.

Download the source as a UnityPackage here: https://unity3dcollege.blob.core.windows.net/site/Downloads/SwipeDetection.unitypackage


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Unity3D Survey Results

By Jason Weimann / March 19, 2018

The Surveys..

Subscribers to my email list know that I like to send out surveys from time to time.

Sometimes it’s just spurred on by a post or video I come across, and I just want to verify the info.

Much of the time though, it’s just me, thinking about something… and wondering what everyone else thinks.

In this post, I’m sharing the results of a few of those surveys….

BUT, I’m also leaving them open, so if you want to chime in with your personal view or data points, please share 🙂


SOLID Principles

This survey left me happy, knowing that most people had at least heard of the principles, regardless if they were using them.

Coding Standards

Here, I was happy to see that my choice to ditch the _ seems to be the most popular one.  If you were wondering why I stopped using it, I talked a bit about it in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDVan60VBPs


This was the only survey that made me sad…  So many developers worldwide need to be paid way more (IMO)

Code Length

When it came to code length, I think most people got it right.  100-200 is a good range for a class (though many should be smaller, depending on the specifics).

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Build a 3rd person shooter in Unity – Part 2

By Jason Weimann / February 3, 2018

Build a 3rd person shooter from the ground up. Part 2 of this series covers weapon use (firing a gun in Unity) with raycasting to hit the correct targets.  We’ll also setup a reusable health system for our bad guys, player, and even props.  Then we’ll drop into particles for muzzle flashes and sound effect basics.



Get the Third Person Control Code

Download The Muzzle Flash Particle – —>>> HERE <<<—


Get the Gun & Health Code

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Build a 3rd person shooter in Unity – Part 1

By Jason Weimann / February 1, 2018

Build a 3rd person shooter from the ground up. In this series we’ll put together all essentials for a 3rd person shooter game in Unity3D. We’ll do character control, shooting, exploding, animating, making loud explosions, and more! If you want to build a third person shooter, follow along 🙂




Get the Third Person Control Code

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