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New C# features coming to Unity3D

By Jason Weimann / September 20, 2018
Unity 2018.3 introduces c# 7 to Unity developers! Today we’ll talk about 5 of those new features and how you can use them in your unity projects.
We’ll talk about pattern matching, out parameters, tuples, and a whole lot more.  Learn how to read the new syntax and how some of these features can make your development life easier.

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Health Bars in Unity3D – #2 – Screen Space & Auto Creating

By Jason Weimann / August 27, 2018

Health bars are important in many game types. Luckily, they’re easy to add to your Unity game! In part 2 of the health bar series, I’ll show you how to create screen space health bars that stay a consistent size and always look flat to the player. We’ll do it with some simple events and have our system automatically generate health bars for any new monsters that need one 🙂

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