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How to use Nested Prefabs – Unity3D Prefab Workflow

By Jason Weimann / December 25, 2018

Learn how to use the new nested prefabs with space ship examples. We’ll go through the new unity prefab workflow, crease some prefabs, make them children of other prefabs, revert, apply, nest again, and more!

This new nested prefab workflow can make a huge difference in your projects, and in this video I wanted to give a couple examples of how you could use them to simplify and componentize your prefab workflow.

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Top 10 Tech Gifts for Game Developers + Black Friday Deals

By Jason Weimann / November 21, 2018

Check out some of the coolest technology I’ve grabbed up during the black friday deal time. I’ll share my favorite things for the home and for all the must haves for game developers, along with the best prices I’ve found on them. If you come across great deals that should be on here though, please drop a comment below, I’ll add the best ones to the description!

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Crunching & Game Development – Are Game Developers Miserable?

Work life balance at game companies is always a hugely heated topic. Recently I’ve been getting a lot of questions – ‘what it’s really like’ and ‘is it really that bad?’ In this video I’ll go over my own experience along with what I’ve seen from friends and colleagues in the industry. Is crunching really that bad? Is it that common? Watch and find out 🙂

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