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VR Movement – Ironman / Jetpack Flying with SteamVR

There are a lot of interesting movement systems for VR.  Arm swinging, dashing, teleportation, trackpad, and more.  In this guide, I’ll show you another one I experimented with previously and really enjoyed.  We’ll go over how to make a player fly like Ironman or at least like a person holding some jet packs..


This article assumes you have SteamVR in your project, though converting it to OVR native should be a simple task.

Rigidbody on [CameraRig]

Start by adding the [CameraRig] prefab from the SteamVR package to your scene.

Add a Rigidbody component to the camerarig.

Freeze the rotation values.

Locking rotation is very important, if you don’t, your player will end up spinning around, flipping over, and getting sick

Now, add a box collider to the rig so you can land (this could be a capsule or any other collider that works well for your game)

Controller Setup

Expand the CameraRig and select both controllers.

Add the SteamVR_TrackedController component to them both.

JetpackBasic Script

Create a new script, name it “JetpackBasic”

Replace the contents with this.

Your controller should look similar to this: (the sphere collider and audio source are optional and beyond the scope of this article)

Press Play

Aim the controllers where you want to go.

Pull the trigger.