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SOLID Unity3D Code Architecture – The Open Closed Principal

Are you ready to start using the SOLID principals in your Unity3D Project?  Learn how the Open Closed Principal (the O in SOLID) can make your game easier to develop, extend, and maintain.  By using simple interfaces and separating out some code, we’ll convert a solution that’s destined for messiness into a clean and SOLID Unity3D project.


What to Look Out For

  1. Adding new functionality requires you to modify your existing classes
  2. Your class is handling different inputs in different ways to the same method.
  3. You start to see if & else if statements cluttering your code.

Ways to Implement The Open Closed Principal in Unity

  • Have your classes act on interfaces, not discrete implementations
  • Use base classes and override their functionality
  • Add events to your class and have other components on the gameobject register for those events instead of the class calling them directly