Unity3D Survey Results

The Surveys..

Subscribers to my email list know that I like to send out surveys from time to time.

Sometimes it’s just spurred on by a post or video I come across, and I just want to verify the info.

Much of the time though, it’s just me, thinking about something… and wondering what everyone else thinks.

In this post, I’m sharing the results of a few of those surveys….

BUT, I’m also leaving them open, so if you want to chime in with your personal view or data points, please share 🙂


SOLID Principles

This survey left me happy, knowing that most people had at least heard of the principles, regardless if they were using them.

Coding Standards

Here, I was happy to see that my choice to ditch the _ seems to be the most popular one.  If you were wondering why I stopped using it, I talked a bit about it in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDVan60VBPs


This was the only survey that made me sad…  So many developers worldwide need to be paid way more (IMO)

Code Length

When it came to code length, I think most people got it right.  100-200 is a good range for a class (though many should be smaller, depending on the specifics).