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How to adjust player size & scale in Virtual Reality with Unity3D

Adjusting player scale in VR is easy if you know what to do.  It gives you the ability to create really amazing effects and interesting gameplay.  You can make your player into a Giant.. or shrink them down to the size of a Mouse..  The technique in this article works across all devices, , , , , etc..

Scaling the Player Up and Down

To adjust the player scale, you need an empty gameobject.

In your scene, create an empty gameobject and reset it’s transform… name it “Player Root”

Move your main camera under the “Player Root” and reset the transform there as well.

Now simply scale the “Player Root”.  As you go up, your player will feel like they’re growing.  If you shrink down small, they’ll in turn be small.

Automatically Resizing the Player

In some situations, you may have a need to automatically resize the player so their point of view is consistent.  If your game requires a certain height to be playable, this may be a solution that can expand your audience to shorter or taller people.  You can use a script similar to the one below to adjust the players scale based on their height at the time it runs.  Ideally, you probably want to run this while they’re loading a scene or give the player a ‘re-orient’ option to allow them to adjust for their size.

Video Version


Resizing the player opens up a variety of fun gameplay opportunities.  If you haven’t tried it before, jump in and play around.. new ideas may come up and you could build the next amazing experience using this simple technique.