Contest Winners!

Many weeks ago, I sent out an open invitation for members of the site to enter a special contest.

The rules were simple, create a quick game with Unity and submit a video or playable version, and try to use an asset from the contests sponsor BitGem.

The response for this contest was great, we had a ton of awesome submissions come flying in from all around the world.

Today, I’m going to reveal the winners to the public and give you a quick glimpse of some of the projects that were created.

First Place “ImpBall” – $100 Cash


The first place winner came from Adrian Higareda.

ImpBall blew me away.  It’s a really neat little game with a lot of character to it.  Even the UI was really well done, and the game is just fun.  It’s even got good audio..  all around it’s a very awesome submission and worth trying out.



Second Place “Ad Noctis” – $100 BitGem Voucher


Ad Noctis surprised me.  Submitted by Javier Alvear, it starts out with a cool cut scene (done in-game), then drops into a boss fight.

You play as an archer battling a boss monster built from a chest full of weapons.

The boss has special moves, charging and swinging, and is difficult to beat…

Overall, it’s a great experience and a really awesome submission.

Javier also has a facebook page for his team here –


Third Place “Skelinvasion”


And rounding off an extremely close 3rd place is “Skelinvasion”.  It felt really polished and one my fellow reviewers described it as “Like Gandalf meets Legolas”.

Skelinvasion is a of course a game where you fight off an invasion of skeletons.  Created by Miguel Martorell, it’s a fun 3rd person experience well worth checking out.

He’s even created a nice youtube video to show off some of the gameplay.

Honorable Mentions

The top 3 winners were great, but there were so many great submissions that at the very least deserve some mention and applause.


A very cool Augmented Reality experience


Arrows and waves of zombies, you’re the bowman trying to stop the horde!

Skeletons and Treasure

This was a great Android submission and is even available on the google play store.


Another augmented reality submission that used multiple devices.  Definitely some potential here.


I loved the name of this one and the game.  An endless runner with tons of levels and a load of fun.  If there was a 4th place, this probably would have taken it


The second Android game in our mentions, a cool endless wave game with nice tap inputs.


More Contests?

I really enjoyed this experience, the submissions were amazing.

Since the contest ended, I’ve had a few people ask me if there’d be another contest anytime soon.

If you’re interested in being a part of one of these, or just want to see others submissions, maybe even with some public voting, drop a comment at the end to let me know.

The more comments that appear, the sooner I’ll kick off contest #2 🙂