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SoCal Code Camp – L.A. (Nov 14th & 15th)

The summer session of SoCal Code Camp is coming up soon.

If you’re in the area, come check out my talks.

Intro to Unity Part I – 2D Games

In this session we’ll build a clone of a popular 2D mobile game in under an hour.  You’ll be introduced to the basics of the Unity3D engine and editor.  We’ll cover 2d physics & collisions, sprites, input, movement, and more.  By the end of the session we’ll build the working game to an android device.  After the session you should be able to recreate the basics of a few popular games.

Intro to Unity Part II – 3D & VR

The final session in this series is all about 3D game development and Virtual Reality.  Here, we’ll cover the differences between 2D & 3D games.  We’ll import some assets, setup animations, launch baseballs, then turn it into a VR experience.  After the session, you’ll be able to try out the virtual world we’ve built on the GearVR.

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Another great code camp

Yesterday was my first time attending the Seattle Code Camp.  It was a great event and I had a great time meeting new developers and learning.  The organizers did a great job setting it up and keeping everything running smooth.

Some of the stuff I learned:

  • MVC tag helpers are pretty amazing and I’ll be using them next time I build a webpage
  • SQL Unit tests are easy and there’s no excuse for not using them (if you haven’t checked these out and work with a database, do it now)

If you didn’t make it this year, you should definitely attend the next one.  And if you’re in SoCal (or really like to fly), come check out the next SoCal Code Camp in LA.


If any attendees to my sessions have questions, please toss me an email

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