Armed Against the Undead Alpha


Today I’m happy to announce an early alpha build of Armed Against the Undead.  The game is available now to anyone who owns the HTC Vive, but only for the next 48 hours.  I’d like to get 100 people in and some feedback so the project can be moved to the next phase and become what the players want.  If you have the HTC Vive and want to play, sign up here:

The alpha signup has expired.  If you really want to play though, sign up to be notified when the next alpha test starts so you don’t miss out.

Note: When you close the game, it will pop up a survey to get feedback.  I know it may be annoying, but please fill it out so I can work to make the game as good as possible.

Game Description

The game takes place in the depths of a dead city.  Your goal is to get out alive….  There are lots of weapons and even more zombies..

Game Modes

The game has 2 distinct modes and more are planned for later.



Armed - Survival ScorePlayer Health: 1 (it’s survival)

This mode is exactly what you’d expect.  Stand in one place, shoot zombies, and try not to die.  The zombies (and other monsters) come from all directions.  Occasionally, you’ll get new weapons to fend off the beasts.  One hit and you die!  Survive as long as you can and beat the top score.



Armed - Save the InfectedPlayer Health: 20 (no you can’t heal)

Story mode takes you through the city, fighting your way out.  You’ll progress through different areas collecting new weapons along the way.  You can choose your path, save the humans, search for an easy way, or go find some better weapons down a back alley.

In this alpha build, only one path is available for testing.

Protect any humans you come across, they’ll bring you nice new weapons.  Make it to the subway and escape alive!


WeaponsArmed - Grip To Reload

Armed Against the Undead has Armed in the name!  There are over 20 weapons available to destroy the undead horde with.  For the alpha, the following weapons are unlocked and available.


Damage: 1

Rate: Slow


Damage: 10

Rate: Very Slow

Armed - Pistol and Shotgun


Damage: 5 per second

Armed - Chainsaw


Damage: 1

Rate: Medium

Armed - SMG


Damage: 1

Rate: Fast


Damage: 1

Rate: Very Fast



  • Aim for the head.  Zombies die from 1 shot to the head every time.
  • Shooting zombies in the legs can slow them down (they’ll start crawling if you hit them enough).
  • Use the shotgun for up-close encounters.  It’s range is small, but it kills just about everything in a single shot.
  • Listen for the growls.  If a zombie comes within 9 feet of you, it will growl, and you’ll have a second or two to shoot it.
  • The chainsaw needs to be IN the zombies to cut them, but kills stuff quickly and doesn’t use ammo.
  • Don’t forget to use the Grip to reload.Armed - Save the Infected

Get more ammo for your weapons by shooting at the ammo box (with the weapon you want ammo in)