Thank You for Supporting Unity3D.College!

I want to say thank you to everyone who helps support the site!

A few years ago, I started the site as a way to give back to the community..

At the time, I'd been doing public presentations.. teaching new people how to get started with Unity..

But people always wanted an online resource..

Somewhere they could follow up..

Get more details.. and learn new stuff..

So I created this site and started writing!

Now, there are thousands of people visiting the site every month, and costs to keep everything running have been creeping up...

A few people asked how they could help support this public education.. and until now.. there wasn't a method available..

But now...

If you love the site and want to help keep it running.. you can now help support it through Patreon!

So if you'd like to support the site, and help contribute to new tutorials, info, news, and more..  You can do it here with even $1/mo :)